ARRL VE Testing

The Northeast Arkansas Radio Club sponsors testing sessions on a regular basis and can usually accommodate your schedule with advance notification. Things you should bring to a testing session:

  1. Identification (preferably one with a photo)
  2. Original or copies of your current Amateur Radio License
  3. Any CSCE that you may hold
  4. Testing fee of $15.00

Our current team of examiners are:

  • Henry Mitchell, N5SEB (Lead VE)
  • Darryl Kelly, KK5IB
  • Brad Gillette, KB5YJS
  • Mark Wade, W5TMW
  • Bill Franklin, K5WB
  • Travis Williams, N5JFD
  • Rick Hendrix, W5UXJ
  • Trent Dowler, KG5DTI
  • David Yates, WB5KJR
  • David Dalton, KG5DTH
  • Brian Sawyer, AA0GK

If you would like to notify us of your intention to test, feel free to contact any of the club officers or contact Henry Mitchell via email at

We are looking to add additional VEs to our testing team. If you are a General or higher class licensed operator and are interested in becoming a VE, see the ARRL’s page on ‘How to become a VE’ or talk to one of current team members for more information. Being a Volunteer Examiner is a great way to give back to the Amateur Radio community.